Membership Program

Gyumai membership program is now open for recruitment, just simple steps to become a Gyumai member for free, to enjoy exclusive offers, monthly discounts, birthday offers and welcome discounts!

Membership level

Gyumai membership program is divided into two levels – Aka Gyu member(赤牛會員) and Kuro Gyu member(黑牛會員). Aka Gyu member who have accumulated spending of $10,000 within one year from the date of successful registration can be upgraded to Kuro Gyu member and enjoy the exclusive discounts of Kuro Gyu members.

Redemption of points

One dollar spent is equal to one point, and the points can be redeemed for rewards in the app.

Monthly offer

Gyumai members can enjoy selected monthly discounts. The coupons will automatically deposited into the membership account every month.

Click here to learn more about Gyumai membership and how to register for free

Download the Storellet app now and go to the Gyumai page to register!