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Gyumai Yakiniku & Shabu shabu


Gyumai Yakiniku & Shabu shabu

The brand-new Yakiniku and Shabu-shabu specialty restaurant by Beefar’s, “Gyumai” is grand opened! Gyumai offering a series of high-quality ingredients and Japanese cuisines, satisfying all discerning gourmets! Gyumai wholeheartedly selected high-quality rare meat all over the world, for you to enjoy the way of yakiniku and shabu-shabu at the same time!

Gyumai features 5 star-rated recommended yakiniku, including top-quality wagyu beef from 3 major areas: Satsuma Gyu directly imported from our own farm in Kagoshima, Lotte Australia L’grow Wagyu beef which imported to Hong Kong for the first time. Together with the tender and juicy high-quality American PRIME beef and top pork, you can enojoy the ultimate tastes, fresh and tender of th ingredients!


Firstly introduced in Hong Kong

Lotte Australia's L'grow Wagyu

Besides of 151 kinds of dishes, including scallops, sweet shrimp and other freshly selected sashimi, the self-service area also provides more than 30 kinds of food, sauces and Japanese ice cream! There are a total of 5 kinds of AYCE sets included Wagyu and Top pork selected all over the world, only from $198! Moreover, we also offered special Yakiniku, shabu shabu and daily set in lunch session!


Top Kagoshima Satsuma Wagyu

Directly import from our own farm in Kagoshima

Besides of that, Kagoshima Satsuma with A4 grade and above is always our signature product, which are all raised by a very small number of award-winning breeders. Satsumais strictly stipulated that the 100% pure Kagoshima kuroge wagyu raised in South Kyushu. All of them are having a level 5 or more in BMS, it tastes incredibly soft and having a indescribable umami. In additions, Gyumai also offers American Wagyu, Angus beef and top pork for all gourmets!


AI Delivery Robots

Special deliver experience

In order to bring more surprises to you, Gyumai is also equipped withAI delivery robots, which can accurately deliver various delicacies to everyone throughout the day. And cooperate with staff to provide more hygienic and better service, and create an overjoyed dining experience for adults and children!