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Gyumai Yakiniku & Shabu shabu


Gyumai Yakiniku & Shabu shabu

“Gyumai,” the first all-you-can-eat yakiniku and shabu-shabu specialty restaurant by the renowned Japanese yakiniku brand Beefar’s. Gyumai offers a wide range of high-quality ingredients and Japanese cuisine, ensuring satisfaction for even the most discerning gourmands.

Gyumai meticulously selects premium and rare meat products from around the world, including the famous Satsuma beef directly sourced from their own farm in Kagoshima and the first-ever introduction of L’grow Australian Wagyu by Gyumai in Hong Kong. This combination of exceptional beef options creates an unparalleled dining experience. Prepare to be amazed by the tender and succulent texture as soon as you take the first bite.

In addition, Gyumai offers an selection of over 120 all-you-can-eat food options, including fresh and premium sashimi such as scallops and sweet shrimp. The buffet area offers more than 30 food items, sauces, and Japanese ice cream, providing a truly satisfying feast. For the working professionals, there are also multiple lunch sets featuring yakiniku, shabu-shabu, and combo meals, allowing you to indulge in different culinary delights every day.


Firstly introduced in Hong Kong

Lotte Australia's L'grow Wagyu

Gyumai introduces the premium “L’grow Wagyu” from their breeding farm in Queensland, Australia. With 30 years of experience, the breeder meticulously crossbreeds the Australian “L’grow Wagyu” with purebred Japanese Black Wagyu. The grain-fed process for over 360 days results in vibrant red meat with even marbling. The beef offers a rich aroma, perfect tenderness, and balanced umami flavor. Gyumai’s exclusive high-quality feed, incorporating premium nuts, enhances the taste by neutralizing acidic notes and leaving a lingering nutty fragrance. Experience an incredibly flavorful and multi-dimensional beef delight at Gyumai.


Top Kagoshima Satsuma Wagyu

Directly import from our own farm in Kagoshima

Gyumai also offers the finest A4 and above grade Satsuma beef from Kagoshima, exclusively raised by a select few award-winning breeders. The strict guidelines ensure that only 100% pure Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu, bred in the southern Kyushu region, is used. With a marbling score (BMS) of 5 or above, the meat is incredibly tender and smooth, almost melting in your mouth. It is an absolute must-try for beef enthusiasts. Furthermore, Gyumai also serves American Wagyu, Angus beef, and Top pork, satisfying the endless meat cravings of food lovers across Hong Kong.


AI Delivery Robots

Special deliver experience

In order to bring more surprises to you, Gyumai is also equipped withAI delivery robots, which can accurately deliver various delicacies to everyone throughout the day. And cooperate with staff to provide more hygienic and better service, and create an overjoyed dining experience for adults and children!