【Birthday Extravaganza Offers in 2024】

Good news for the new year!
Exciting news for everyone! This year, when you dine with us during your birthday month and check-in, you will receive the popular Satsuma Gyu Cake “Gyumai Birthday Feast” for free! Get ready to go crazy with instagram!
For our members, when you dine within 3 days before or after your birthday, you can enjoy our special offer of “Four Dine, One Dines for Free.” Make the most of your birthday celebration!
The two promotions can be used simultaneously!
Want to make the most of the “Birthday Extravaganza Offers” and celebrate with a group of friends? Remember to book your table one day in advance!

Satsuma Gyu Cake "Gyumai Birthday Feast":

During your birthday month, when you indulge in any all-day buffet, you will receive a complimentary serving of the Satsuma Gyu Cake “Gyumai Birthday Feast”
(Valid in conjunction with the “Four Dine, One Dines for Free” offer or other promotions.)

Members exclusive: Enjoy the "Four Dine, One Dines for Free" offer

For the birthday celebrant, within 3 days before or after their birthday, when they dine with three friends, one person dines for free!

erms and conditions apply to the above offers. Please inquire with our staff or refer to the promotional posters in-store for more details.